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Perfect for any meal

Traditionally roti is served with vegetables and curries but you can eat it with pretty much any kind of lentil, stir fry, or dips.


What is the shelf life of the rotis?

Our products are rebels without a preservative cause, proudly 100% preservative-free! They prefer the cool atmosphere of the fridge or freezer, just like your favorite rock band. Keep them in the fridge unopened, and they'll rock on for 21 days. Once you break the seal and they join the fridge band, enjoy their tunes within 7 days. But hey, if you're not craving a roti jam session right now, freeze them for a wild three-month jam that'll make your taste buds sing!

How long does it take to ship orders?

Our rotis have a passport to freshness! Every week from Monday to Wednesday, we equip them with ice packs and send them on a globetrotting adventure in curbside recyclable packaging. If you miss the travel window on Wednesday, don't worry! They'll catch the next flight and arrive at your doorstep like true jet-setters.

What are your freezing/thawing recommendation for rotis?

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a culinary adventure that will tickle your taste buds and leave you begging for an encore! It's time to unlock the secrets of roti perfection with these exhilarating instructions.

1. Set the stage for an epic taste sensation by heating a griddle, flat top, or pan over medium-high heat. Let the anticipation build as the temperature rises for a thrilling 2-3 minutes.

2. It's time to work your magic! Place your roti on the heated surface and watch in awe as it dances with delight. In just 10-15 seconds on each side, witness the miraculous rise of bubbles, a sure sign that your roti is reaching its peak of mouthwatering perfection.

3. The moment you've been waiting for has arrived! Grab your warm, bubbly roti and prepare to be transported to a realm of pure culinary bliss. Savor each bite, relishing in the flavors that will surely delight your senses.

So, my food-loving friends, let the adventure begin! Heat, warm, and enjoy your way to roti paradise with these enchanting instructions. It's a tantalizing experience you won't want to miss!